WetSchoolGirl - Making Dad Proud of the Daughter He Made

WetSchoolGirl - Making Dad Proud of the Daughter He Made
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Story: I sit on my room bored playing with bubbles. Dad knocks on my door and I let him in. He just came to chit chat, not expecting me to be wearing a revealing outfit. I feel embarrassed as I didn’t get to change after I tried on some new cloths. Dad likes my outfit though. We talk about how I miss him a lot, as every daughter should be close with her Dad. I offer to model the outfits for him which he agrees to. I try on different looks, with each getting more and more skimpy. I show off my body reminiscing of times when Dad used to see me naked all the time taking care of me. Now that I grew up I feel like it’s important to make Dad familiar with my body. I wanna show him what he created, all of his amazing genes that made me. I go further and further with each outfit, eventually getting to have Dad watch me touch my pussy and let him touch it too. I talk about how my boobs haven’t changed that much, they are still pretty small which he seems to enjoy. I am happy my Dad has no girlfriend as I want to be his girlfriend and do mature stuff with him as I am already a big gril. I finally find courage to confess that all of these outfits I bought to seduce him and make him want me more. I succeed as he lets me wash his cock with my tongue. I wanna pay back for all the care he gave me before. We are finally reunited and I don’t have to worry anymore, I am a big girl now, proud to be my Dad’s daughter.
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